Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Draaannkkk: Moscato

Moscato, I mean there's really not too much to explain about this light, peachy and slighty creamy wine. Moscato goes good with deserts and chocolates, but I drink it anytime!

Seafood Primavera!

I LOVE Seafood....I mean all types of seafood. You name it and I bet you I eat it...lol. I went to this Diner in Jersey City located on Kennedy Blvd, of course I can't remember the name, I'll update this post when I get the name. Anyway, I ordered this pasta concoction and I had no idea it would be fully loaded with seafood, noodles and sauce. I literally ate this for three days, yes three! This dish came loaded with clams, mussels, scallops, calamari, and shrimp...all I can say is yummmmmyy! hands down the best Seafood Primavera I have ever had! I'll be back (Arnold Schwarzeneggar voice)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Draaannkkk: Patron Margarita on the Rockssss :)

Patron Margarita! this margarita was served to me at Latitude Bar in NYC, it was my first time ever having one. POW!! as in Powerful. I like my drinks to taste spicy from the liquor, with a bit of sweetness and this  drink had it! All you need is Patron , Cointreu Liquer, Lime and Ice...Salute!

Foody Quote!

"I Love the Kitchen Cuz I Love to Eat" - Kimora Lee Simmons

Salmon and Tuna Sushi!

As I may have said in a previous post before, Japanese Hibachi and Sushi are in my top five list of my favorite foods. My favorite types of sushi are salmon and tuna rolls! I was introduced to Sushi as a little girl by my dad, who loved it. Through the years, I have tried many other types of delicious sushi,  but tuna and salmon still stand as my favorite. Within the past year, I started eating Shrimp Tempura Rolls too, which I also love. Since I am crazy about spicy food, I always eat my sushi with Wasabi. For those of you that have never had sushi, step out of the box and try it. I suggest California Rolls for beginner Sushi eaters :) My favorite Sushi spot in NYC is Hana Sushi located on 7th Avenue in the Chelsea Area of NYC. I have only tried sushi at a few spots in the city, and still Hana to me has the freshest and best tasting sushi out of them all!

It's Like Candy!! Throwback Sweeeeett!! : Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks!! I know you all remember this throwback candy..lol. This is one of the many candies that makes me think of my childhood. This candy is so different from the rest because  not only does it taste good, its so much fun to eat. As soon as it hits your tongue it crackles and pops :) making you not want to stop eating it! I bought some today while at CVS. I spotted them at the checkout  counter and said oh, I have to buy a pack, haven't had them in so long. For some reason when I think of Pop Rocks, I think of summer too, how about you? Pick up a pack or two today and share them with the children in your life. They come in two other flavors as well...get your pop rock oooonnn!! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Steak Tacos and Yellow Rice

I love Mexican food, particularly made with fresh ingredients. Tacos are very easy and quick to make, you can make basic tacos or get crazy and add lots of ingredients like guacamole, onions, peppers and Jalapenos. For these soft shell tacos I made, I just cut my steak into strips and seasoned with salt and pepper, then I fried the steak until it was done. I then sauteed peppers and onions until semi soft (I like a little crunch in them). Next, I add the steak, peppers, onions, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and a dab of sour cream onto the corn or flower fajita! Voila! You can eat these tacos alone or make some yellow rice like I did to go with it.

Restaurant Flo! Joes Crab Shack..OOOOWWWW!!!

I had to make this picture large so that every single piece of food can be seen! I came to this restaurant with my family and I had absolutely no idea that the food would be so good! AMAZING! Red Lobster who???!! Seriously, the portions are so large. Everyone in my family ordered a steampot (pictured below). I ordered the Old Bay Steampot which came with 2 clusters of snow crab legs, 1 pound of clams, 1 huge sausage, fresh corn on the cob and potatoes seasoned with Old Bay. So much food, so tasteful and inexpensive. Sorry NYCers there aren't any Joe's in NYC, but check out their website @ www.joescrabshack.com to find one near you! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Draaannkkk: Yellowtail - Merlot

I got hooked onto this wine because of my mom, who loves it. I think this wine basically turned me into a wino..lol. After I started drinking Merlot I started to venture into tasting other wines. Merlot goes great with steak, pork, lamb, duck and tomato based pastas! Get your sip oooonnnnn :)

Eggplant Parmesan with Spinach Noodles

ITALIAN FOOD!!!.... is one of my top five weaknesses, Eggplant Parmesan is an amazing dish!!! so delicious, a lot of people have eaten chicken Parmesan, but not eggplant (people I know). Step out of the box and try it! I basically used one eggplant, one can of my favorite spaghetti sauce, one bag of shredded mozzarella and one pack of spinach noodles for this recipe and it made a really big dish.This meal took about an hour to prepare and cook, but it was well worth it and lasted for days.

Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki with Vegetables

I love, love, love teriyaki anything...Japanese food is at the top of the list of my favorite foods! I have a Wok and cook everything in it. Cooking in the wok is fast and easy. For this Chicken Teriyaki, I cut up two chicken breast and seasoned them. I then cut up  fresh broccoli, red peppers, green peppers, onion, zucchini and mushrooms(my fav!). I cook the chicken in the wok first with butter once the chicken gets golden brown I add teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds and continue to stir fry, once done, I set to the side, clean out the wok and put all veggies in wok with olive oil. I stir fry the veggies, as then soften I add soy sauce and continue to cook. Before I start to cook the chicken, white rice or brown rice is cooking... after rice, veggies and chicken are done! serve! Voila! Enjoy! sooooo delicious :)

Dessert Edition: Crepe with nutella, chocolate and powdered sugar!

The very first crepe I had was in 2008 during my visit to Paris, France, the home of the crepe. It was delicious...filled with strawberries and chocolate. At The Limelight Marketplace, located on 6th avenue, there is a crepe shop that serves all types of crepes. This crepe has nutella, chocolate and powdered sugar. I couldn't even finish this entire crepe, I had to share it with a friend. Stop by The Limelight and try a crepe! shoplimelightmarketplace.com

Restaurant Flo! Benny's Burrito's - Grilled Chicken Burrito

Benny's Burritos located in the west village is one of my favorite Mexican spots to eat at. Besides the huuuugggeee Burritos they serve, they also have delicious margaritas in various flavors. The Grilled Chicken Burrito I ordered was split between me and two other friends. All three of us were so full after eating it. It was so delicious...check out Benny's Burrito next time you're in the West Village!

Dessert Edition: Banana Spring rolls from Benihana

Love this dessert, I don't think Benihana makes it anymore though :( These banana spring rolls with vanilla ice cream and berries! so delicious, very sweet too!

Barbecue Chicken with Lipton Noodles

Barbecue Chicken is one of my favorite foods to make and eat! I wash my meat then fill the baking dish with an inch of water and vinegar. I season the chicken with pepper, garlic, and salt. I place the chicken in the baking dish with water and vinegar then pour barbecue sauce on (I like brown sugar). I bake at 350 degrees until done, then I broil the chicken for 3-5 minutes on each side, then Voila! The Lipton noodles are easy, just follow instructions on package. I usually add a vegetable...broccoli, asparagus, spinach or your favorite vegetable would be a great addition to this quick meal.

Dessert Edition: Bananas Foster!

I love bananas foster...I found this pic in my phone, can't remember which restaurant I had this slamming dessert at. There are many different variations of bananas foster. This version was a crepe with vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate swirled on top with sliced bananas...yummy!


Not a huge breakfast person, but sometimes I do like to eat a good hearty meal for breakfast. This is a basic Turkey (lunch meat), cheddar cheese and sliced tomato toasted on an English muffin! Sometimes I fry the turkey for 2 minutes, but this morning I just put everything on the English Muffin then popped it into the toaster oven and Voila!

I Heart This....Snack!

Literally, this is the World's Best Chocolate! All I have to say is WOW! I've tasted many chocolates, because at one point in my life I was obsessed with it...lol. I love this Almond Milk Chocolate Bar! Hands down the best....they are usually sold through fundraisers, but I did some research and you can order them non bulk through their website www.worldsfinestchocolate.com ....

Fried Teriyaki Lamb Chops & Ginger Salad

YUMMY! Lamb Chops are one of my favs, and its so easy to cook. I usually season with pepper and garlic salt, then fry in a pan with butter. after about 2 minutes on each side I pour Teriyaki sauce on both sides to taste and continue to cook until done. For the Salad, I usually buy Dole Bag Salad and slice my own tomatoes in it. I then pour a little balsamic vinaigrette and some ginger dressing! Voila! Enjoy!

I Heart This....Snack!

I love Super Pretzel's Soft Stix...so good! they are little bite sized pretzels with cheddar cheese in the middle,  so delicious. You just heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds and Voila! Enjoy!


Whatuuupppp..I decided to start this blog because I am obsessed and passionate about all things food in a good way. I love to cook, eat and experience everything that food has to offer. Everything related to food for me is a sensual experience that I highly value in my life. I love the taste, touch, smell, and the look of food. I started cooking at the age of 12. My mother taught me at a very young age to come in the kitchen and help her cook, my grandmother as well. I was not too thrilled about it at the time, but little did I know that it would be the biggest gift that both of them could give me. Now, at 27, I love food. I love to try all types of cuisines from North America to Australia. I also love to cook and I cook almost every single day, that seems to be rare among 20 something year old's. My ultimate goal is to teach young women just like me to really enjoy food as an experience and to learn how to cook. I think its super important to know how to cook, even if its basic. I believe it's a part of living and taking care of yourself, just like taking a shower. Follow my blog as I post recipes, foods that I cook, restaurants that I visit, and just my favorite foods!