Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Like Candy!! Throwback Sweeeeett!! : Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks!! I know you all remember this throwback This is one of the many candies that makes me think of my childhood. This candy is so different from the rest because  not only does it taste good, its so much fun to eat. As soon as it hits your tongue it crackles and pops :) making you not want to stop eating it! I bought some today while at CVS. I spotted them at the checkout  counter and said oh, I have to buy a pack, haven't had them in so long. For some reason when I think of Pop Rocks, I think of summer too, how about you? Pick up a pack or two today and share them with the children in your life. They come in two other flavors as well...get your pop rock oooonnn!! :)

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