Monday, December 20, 2010

Salmon and Tuna Sushi!

As I may have said in a previous post before, Japanese Hibachi and Sushi are in my top five list of my favorite foods. My favorite types of sushi are salmon and tuna rolls! I was introduced to Sushi as a little girl by my dad, who loved it. Through the years, I have tried many other types of delicious sushi,  but tuna and salmon still stand as my favorite. Within the past year, I started eating Shrimp Tempura Rolls too, which I also love. Since I am crazy about spicy food, I always eat my sushi with Wasabi. For those of you that have never had sushi, step out of the box and try it. I suggest California Rolls for beginner Sushi eaters :) My favorite Sushi spot in NYC is Hana Sushi located on 7th Avenue in the Chelsea Area of NYC. I have only tried sushi at a few spots in the city, and still Hana to me has the freshest and best tasting sushi out of them all!

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