Friday, January 14, 2011

Something New: Falafel!

Okay, so one of my besties named Cindy had been trying to get me to try a Falafel for so long, I always declined. First off, I didn't even know what  a Falafel was? Secondly why is it named Falafel? lol, so anyway, this year at work one of my coworkers ordered from Pita Express. They have a wide range of pita and Mediterranean dishes, she ordered a combination platter. The combo platter included 3 Falafel balls, Hummus, Thini, Greek Eggplant, Turkish salad, Israeli salad and is served with 1 pita bread. DELICIOUS! I was like wow, this is what I've been I opened the Pita Bread, placed the balls in it, then put all the salads and hummus on top. The food was so light and very fresh. The combination of all the flavors was amazing, I can't wait to eat Falafels again as well as try other types of Mediterranean foods.

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Bite Sized Snack: Corn Fritters

Burger Express, located in Carteret, New Jersey is popular hamburger and chicken spot. They serve a lot of variety of foods and the list is growing. Last year they added corn fritters to the menu. They are so delicious, you can order them as a side to your order or just eat them alone. I like to eat mine all alone :) the corn fritters are basically little creamed corn bites. I'm not sure how they make them, but it seems as if they drop little bits of creamed corn into hot oil to fry, like as they would chicken. These corn fritter are so good, the combination of the sweet creamy corn and light fried outside is yummy! You can try and make these at home or visit Burger Express :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas: Sweet Potato Pie

Usually my grandmother makes sweet potato pies for the holidays, but now that she's older, the torch needs to be passed on. I've never made sweet potato pies, just ate I got the recipe from my grandmother. One thing I added from her recipe was adding walnuts to the pie crust before I poured the sweet potato mix. Again, just like the Bread Pudding, my family loved the Sweet Potato Pies. I actually felt that they could have come out a little better, I guess I'm use to my grandmothers pies. I still have a ways to go to perfect these pies so that they taste just like hers.

Merry Christmas - Draaannnkk : Coquito

Regular Eggnog is cool, but Coquito is better :) Coquito is Eggnog with Brandy, Rum and Whisky!!!! AAARRIIBBBBAA!!! the taste is so delicious. My favorite and the best brand I feel is  Philadelphia Dutch. Grab a bottle today or for the next holiday season!

Merry Christmas: Bread Pudding

Right before Christmas I was checking my email and an aol food video popped up for Bread Pudding! I immediately went yummy!! It had been so long since I have had any homemade Bread Pudding. I quickly jotted down the recipe then consulted with my grandma to make sure everything from the recipe was right. This was my first time I have ever made Bread Pudding and I was surprised that it was so quick and easy to make. Just cut up an entire bag of wonder white bread (or your favorite bread) and in a separate bowl mix your three eggs, vanilla flavoring, nutmeg, cinnamon. Then pour that mixture over the white bread slices then mix. Pour into a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for like 40 minutes and then serve. Everyone in my family loved it, they said it was delicious! and I agree, it really came out so good. I definitely will be making it again! and next time I'll serve it with some vanilla ice cream! :)