Monday, February 14, 2011

Dessert Edition: Deep Dish Apple Pie!

When I get a craving for a particular food, I have to have it! lol. one day I said, "I need apple pie, I need apple pie" so I went onto and found a basic recipe, ran to the store and bought apples and pie crust. I had the butter, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring and nutmeg already in my cabinet, so I was good to go. making this pie was super easy and I was surprised at how delicious it actually tasted! I used 4 red delicious apples and 4 granny smith apples, just to give it that extra flavor :) here are before and after pics!

Restaurant Flo! Spice

Spice NYC has a few locations throughout the city and the food is delicious. About six years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to Spice and I instantly became hooked. When I go, I usually order the same dishes, either: Pad Thai, Porkchop or Siamese Fried Rice!!! all three are so delicious! I get the noodles and rice with Chicken and/or Shrimp. My two friends and I stopped to eat at Spice a few days ago. I ordered the Pad Thai with Chicken and Rice, my friend Cindy ordered the Black Broad Noodles and Denice ordered the Porkchop. If you are ever in NYC and want to try or you love Thai food, stop by Spice! they are very inexpensive and the lunch specials come with an appetizer! Enjoy :)