Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homemade Snack! : Pretzels

So, like I said, I love The Food Network and especially Bobby Flay. One day he was making pretzels and I got so hungry for one! I went on line and got his recipe and the ingredients and instructions were quite simple. His recipe called for a cheese sauce and a spice sauce, I didnt make either one, just the pretzels. Maybe one day I will make the cheese sauce, because it just looks so good and I'm a cheese fanatic anyway lol . The pic I have below is from the second time I made homemade pretzels. The first time I made them, I couldn't stop eating them for a second to even take any pictures lol, this batch came out delicious, but a little more doughy than the first time. There is nothing more delicious than a soft doughy food...well, at least in my opinion :)

Restaurant Flo: Down home with the Neely's

 Down Home with the Neely's is such a fun food show! A few months ago, The Neely's opened their first restaurant in NYC! Me and my crew went because we all love food and Soulfood! In my opinion the food was good...nothing spectacular. The Mac n cheese and ribs were really good. the Collard Greens were a tab bit tough and needed vinegar! Some of the other dishes the ladies ordered were: Fried Steak, Shrimp, Catfish Fritter (so delish). Once we finished our meal, we were treated by the manger to four different desserts. Pecan Pie, Oreo Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake, Blueberry Cobbler and ice cream. I must say all the desserts were so good and the drinks!! let me tell you! the cocktails were the best unique type of drinks I think I may have ever had in my life. All in all, I will go back to The Neely's restaurant, the atmosphere was cool, food was good and drinks were slammmin!

Dinner: Homemade Pizza

Soooo, The Food Network and The Travel Channel both inspire me to make certain foods at certain times lol . I was watching  a special on deep dish pizza's and instantly got a taste for Pizza (when I get a taste for something, I have to have it!!!). So I decided to make my own....The pizza came out delicious, but next time I will use a different brand dough or make my own dough from scratch! I love Anchovies and Mushrooms on my pizza, but I also love The Works. For this pizza, I put Portobello Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Yellow Peppers, Chicken, and Provolone and Mozzarella for the cheese! YUMMY!

Restaurant Flo: Terraza Spanish Cuisine

For those of you that live in the Central New Jersey area, there is a new Spanish Restaurant in Perth Amboy. called Terraza, I first found out about them by a flyer that was left on my mothers car. They listed 1/2 price for Mojitos, Margaritas and Sangria's for Happy Hour. One summer Friday, my mother and I decided to go for dinner and happy hour. She had Red Sangria and I had a flavored Mojito (Can't remember which flavor, I believe Pomegranate and Sugar Cane). I order the Wild Salmon, Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus (All three are my favorite things to eat!) My mother had the roasted pork with beans and rice! I love Spanish Pork aka Pernil, but at the time I was on a pork break, so I didnt get a chance to taste her food. Overall, the drinks were so delicious, the food was fresh and amazing and the service was superb! I can't wait to go back :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner Flo: Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Now I must say I looooovveee cuban food! I've only been eating it for about a year or two now and I just enjoy the comfort of it. I have only eaten at two Cuban Restaurants...Sophies and Havana Central. My favorite is SOPHIES! hands down...I just like the taste of their food better, it tastes more soulful lol I love their sandwiches as well..everything is just so good there. They have daily specials that vary and you get two sides. This day me and my mom were in the city taking care of some business and hunger struck both of us. I had been thinking about Sophie's all day, so we went. My mom has never been, not even sure if she's had Cuban before either. I had the baked chicken, rice & beans and potatoes. I ordered a side of plantains because I'm obsessed with them lol .My mom had the steak and onions and she literally devoured her entire plate, I couldn't believe it. We both had their freshly made lemonade which was the bomb.com, never tasted fresh lemonade like theirs before. If  you're ever in the city, PLEASE try Sophie's, they have locations all over the city! Enjoy!

Lunch: Thai Food on Deck

Me and my girls love Thai food, I've only been eating it for about 5 years now and I really love it. The noodles and rice are AMAZE BALLS! My favorite Thai restaurants are Room Service and Spice in NYC and Mei Thai in Woodbridge, NJ. The picture below was taken at Room Service when I went to lunch with one of my besties D. I decided to get the MIXED SEAFOOD SPICY BASIL NOODLE DISH! I usually get chicken and/or shrimp spicy basil noodle dish, Pad Thai, Siamese Rise or Grilled Porkchop. Anywho...the mixed seafood dish was so delicious, it had calamari, mussels and shrimp. I definitely will get this dish again, so yummy!

Guilty Pleasure!! YUM!

CHEEEESSSEEE FRIEESSSSS!!!!! I love cheese fries, but not just any cheese fries. Burger Express in Carteret, NJ has THE BEST!!!!! I have tasted many cheese fries in my life, but none compare to these cheesy fries! Every once in a blue moon, I'll get a taste for them and I'll just have to have them on the spot! Not sure what brand cheese they use, but its bomb! lol


This is my favorite cinnamon bun besides Pillsbury! I work in Union Square and there are so many vendors during the summer...selling all types of fruits, veggies, fish, meat, flowers etc. Baker's Bounty is the name! they are located in Linden, NJ, but they have a stand on Wednesdays at the farmers market. I love dough, and always have, the only thing I don't like about this bun is there are a lot of raisins in them. I'm not a fan of raisins at all, so I just pick them out and eat the rest.

Dinner: Steak and onion with yellow rice, beans and vegetable medley!

I love steak...preferably filet mingon, sirloin, t-bone, and prime rib :) The beans are straight from the can, the yellow rice is carolina rice pack and the veggies are canned corn, fresh broccoli and fresh cabbage steamed. The steak is sirloin, just washed and seasoned. When I fried the steak, I added some yellow onions....

Breakfast Flo: Omelette

I make omelets frequently for breakfast on the weekend, simply because they are delicious, healthy and easy to make! Whatever I have in the fridge, I usually just throw in my mix lol. I usually use two eggs and peppers, onions, mushroom, turkey meat (ground or cold cut) and of course tomatoes!! I love tomatoes, its a must in my omelets. If I don't have a tomato I won't make the omelet! While frying, before I fold over, I add some shredded cheddar cheese! YUMMMMM!!!

I love Salmon, its my favorite fish! I always bake my salmon. I decided to stir fry some green, yellow, and red peppers. Of course I had to add mushrooms in the mix because they are my favorite!