Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner Flo: Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Now I must say I looooovveee cuban food! I've only been eating it for about a year or two now and I just enjoy the comfort of it. I have only eaten at two Cuban Restaurants...Sophies and Havana Central. My favorite is SOPHIES! hands down...I just like the taste of their food better, it tastes more soulful lol I love their sandwiches as well..everything is just so good there. They have daily specials that vary and you get two sides. This day me and my mom were in the city taking care of some business and hunger struck both of us. I had been thinking about Sophie's all day, so we went. My mom has never been, not even sure if she's had Cuban before either. I had the baked chicken, rice & beans and potatoes. I ordered a side of plantains because I'm obsessed with them lol .My mom had the steak and onions and she literally devoured her entire plate, I couldn't believe it. We both had their freshly made lemonade which was the, never tasted fresh lemonade like theirs before. If  you're ever in the city, PLEASE try Sophie's, they have locations all over the city! Enjoy!

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