Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Grilled Bananas

Oatmeal is one of my regular breakfast eats, and I like to mix it up sometimes and add fruits. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits in general but also a favorite fruit I love to add to my oatmeal. Today, I decided to grill my banana with a little olive oil, then placed them on top of my oatmeal. I then sprinkled some cinnamon and honey on top and ate every scoop! Very delicious and super healthy! 

Restaurant Find: SEA Thai


I love me some Thai food! I had eaten at SEA's Manhattan location a few years ago...but friends have always told me the Brooklyn location was much better, and it is. First off the atmosphere is so calm, cool and the music was great. You feel like you are stepping into a part of Thailand. Now! The food (which came quickly) was....AMAZING!!! For appetizers we ordered SEAbbq, Chicken Dumplings and Thai Curry Dumplings. For our appetizers I ordered the Tamarind Fish which was so delicious! Never had fish like this before. The entire fish, which is Red Snapler is deep fried and served with a scoop of white rice and delicious tamarind sauce. I highly recommend the Tamarind Fish, I had it for lunch and dinner the next day, that's how much comes in the entree. For dessert, we had the Banana Spring Rolls. I am a banana fanatic so when I saw them on the menu, I had to have them. They came served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. When I say DELICIOUS!!! they were Deeeelicious!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Family came into NYC to visit and they had a taste for Seafood...there's so many seafood restaurants in NYC, where do we start??!! a friend recommended Burger and Lobster and I must say it was the best decision we made to go there. First off, there are no menus, the restaurant has 3 items on the menu: Lobster Roll, Lobster and a Burger. Each of these three items comes with a salad and fries. Oh, also, all three of these entree's are just $20, how awesome. So I chose the Lobster Roll, which had hug chunks of lobster meat and WOW!!! so delicious, on a buttery roll. I was a bit skeptical of eating a salad with a lobster roll that had mayo in it, sometimes the taste doesn't vibe. Not here, the chef created a salad dressing that literally married perfectly with the taste of the lobster roll and its ingredients and the french fries. All three tasted so delicious together, I am still in shock how good the food was. My cousin ordered the whole lobster and seriously it was the size of half of her arm?!! she kept pulling out huge chunks of meat, she said it was just so delicious. For my drink, since I love strawberries I got the Strawberry Basil Vodka Cocktail, which was on point, the perfect amount of strawberries and vodka and I could literally taste the hint of basil.


Sammich' Time: The Melt Shop

A co-worker of mine kept telling me about this amazing place that sells all types of cheese sandwiches. I love a good grilled cheese sandwich, so she said try Melt Shop. They have so many types of sandwiches, but this particular day I was craving chicken. I love buffalo chicken wings so I said, let's go. The sandwich consists of Fried Chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Buffalo Blue Sauce on a Sourdough Bread. I also added a side of Shop Tots, which are tater tots topped with Parmesan Cheese. 

The Sandwich: Delish!!! the piece of fried chicken was huge and cooked nice and crispy and drenched in hot sauce which is what I love, the buffalo sauce could have been a tad thicker but it worked. I had so much left over, I ate the rest of my sandwich the next day for lunch and it tasted even better!

Tot: very good! the Parmesan gives it a light cheesy flavor without being too overwhelming, I couldn't get enough of these tots

Can't wait to visit the Melt Shop again to try a new sandwich, they all look and sound so yum!


 I really love visiting food markets, of course??!! Madison Square Eats came back a few months ago and I decided to try something new because I was craving seafood. What a delicious surprise, this MONTAUK FISH BURGER from BAR SUZETTE CREPERIE was so scrumptious! The fish was fried perfectly topped a tarter like sauce, red onion, tomato and arugula on a Brioche bun. YUM! will I be back for another??!!Yes I will


 May is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! This year I decided to do brunch with my besties...a co-worker recomended BTH. I'd never heard of BTH, quickly went looked like a go. Made reservations and I was satisfied with my service and food. Endless mimosa's and Bellini's for brunch was the option my friends and I chose. I ordered Prawns and Grits and OMG!!! How delicious!!!! The grits were so buttery and the prawns seasoned and cooked to perfection. The Shitake mushrooms added another awesome level of flavor (I love mushrooms). I nibbled on all of my friends dishes and everything really was delicious. I also really loved the Mac n cheese, which was made with multiple fancy cheeses. FOODGASM!!MMMMM YESSS . The ice cream was even delicious, I must say I'll be back to BTH. I can't wait to try more dishes from their menu

Prawns & Grits 


                                                                   Mac & Cheese
                                        B├ęchamel Sauce, Menonita Cheese, Cheddar Cheese
                                                    Bellini & Harlem Blues (background)
                                                             Chicken Waffle Sandwich

                                                           Crab Cakes Benedict 

                                                               Pistachio Ice Cream


I had a sweet tooth...made my way to the kitchen and spotted a banana, honey, cinnamon and sugar. I took one banana and cut it in half, then lightly cooked both sides for a minute each. Layed both sides on top of two scoops of frozen vanilla yogurt then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the bananas...then drizzling some honey on the entire desert. VOILA! When I tell you this was a delicious and healthy desert, it was so good that I made it again the next day. 


My time in the Bahamas this past January was just so lovely! The weather, the water and the local food. These CONCH FRITTERS were so yummy, Conch with a mixture of peppers, onions and some local spices deep fried to perfection. The sauce was like a light sweet gravy, but I didn't even need it. The fritters tasted delicious all by themselves