Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Family came into NYC to visit and they had a taste for Seafood...there's so many seafood restaurants in NYC, where do we start??!! a friend recommended Burger and Lobster and I must say it was the best decision we made to go there. First off, there are no menus, the restaurant has 3 items on the menu: Lobster Roll, Lobster and a Burger. Each of these three items comes with a salad and fries. Oh, also, all three of these entree's are just $20, how awesome. So I chose the Lobster Roll, which had hug chunks of lobster meat and WOW!!! so delicious, on a buttery roll. I was a bit skeptical of eating a salad with a lobster roll that had mayo in it, sometimes the taste doesn't vibe. Not here, the chef created a salad dressing that literally married perfectly with the taste of the lobster roll and its ingredients and the french fries. All three tasted so delicious together, I am still in shock how good the food was. My cousin ordered the whole lobster and seriously it was the size of half of her arm?!! she kept pulling out huge chunks of meat, she said it was just so delicious. For my drink, since I love strawberries I got the Strawberry Basil Vodka Cocktail, which was on point, the perfect amount of strawberries and vodka and I could literally taste the hint of basil.


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