Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Restaurant Find: SEA Thai


I love me some Thai food! I had eaten at SEA's Manhattan location a few years ago...but friends have always told me the Brooklyn location was much better, and it is. First off the atmosphere is so calm, cool and the music was great. You feel like you are stepping into a part of Thailand. Now! The food (which came quickly) was....AMAZING!!! For appetizers we ordered SEAbbq, Chicken Dumplings and Thai Curry Dumplings. For our appetizers I ordered the Tamarind Fish which was so delicious! Never had fish like this before. The entire fish, which is Red Snapler is deep fried and served with a scoop of white rice and delicious tamarind sauce. I highly recommend the Tamarind Fish, I had it for lunch and dinner the next day, that's how much comes in the entree. For dessert, we had the Banana Spring Rolls. I am a banana fanatic so when I saw them on the menu, I had to have them. They came served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. When I say DELICIOUS!!! they were Deeeelicious!


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