Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sammich' Time: The Melt Shop

A co-worker of mine kept telling me about this amazing place that sells all types of cheese sandwiches. I love a good grilled cheese sandwich, so she said try Melt Shop. They have so many types of sandwiches, but this particular day I was craving chicken. I love buffalo chicken wings so I said, let's go. The sandwich consists of Fried Chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Buffalo Blue Sauce on a Sourdough Bread. I also added a side of Shop Tots, which are tater tots topped with Parmesan Cheese. 

The Sandwich: Delish!!! the piece of fried chicken was huge and cooked nice and crispy and drenched in hot sauce which is what I love, the buffalo sauce could have been a tad thicker but it worked. I had so much left over, I ate the rest of my sandwich the next day for lunch and it tasted even better!

Tot: very good! the Parmesan gives it a light cheesy flavor without being too overwhelming, I couldn't get enough of these tots

Can't wait to visit the Melt Shop again to try a new sandwich, they all look and sound so yum!

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