Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Desserts: DoubleTree Hotel Cookies

If you don't know...well now you know that DoubleTree Hotel has amazingly delicious homemade cookies. I discovered these cookies about 15 years ago when mom my bought some home from her boss at her job. From that day forward from time to time we will take a trip to a local DoubleTree and get a can of cookies. The cookies are only $10 for 1 can, but if you walk into the hotel and ask for some cookies they will give a few to you for free. These cookies are a secret recipe specifically for the Hilton Hotels I believe because you can not find this cookie anywhere else. The cookie is chocolate chip with walnuts, which is my favorite type of chocolate chip cookie. Every DoubleTree Hotel sells them, they bake them fresh on site. I love these cookies ;)

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