Monday, January 4, 2016

Dinner: A Kim Creation

This is such a traditional clean eating meal with a twist. I sautéed 4 small chicken breast and 3 shrimp and also sautéed fresh asparagus in garlic and soy sauce. When both were done I laid them on top of a bed of brown rice and drizzled a little bit of sweet chili sauce onto the chicken and shrimp, YUMMY!!! This was so good, I'll be adding sweet chili sauce to more of my food. 

Restaurant Find: Tipsy Parson

Located in Chelsea in NYC, this spot was selected for me and my close group of friends annual NYE Dinner. Ambiance and atmosphere are nice, it's small but cozy. I enjoyed the fried green tomatoes appetizer (not shown) even though I have had better and can make better, the Jhudh puppies were ok, I've had better. I truly loved the habanero buttermilk biscuit appetizer. This buttermilk biscuit is made with habanero peppers, but it's so subtle and it comes with a spicy strawberry jam, yes spicy! I loved the pairing of flavors, such a great idea to create a biscuit like this. the macaroni n cheese was delicious and the hot buttered rum drink too (not pictured). I didn't really enjoy my entree which was catfish with greens. First off, the piece of catfish was so small and it was placed on a huge bed of greens???!! I feel the piece of catfish should have been bigger with maybe less greens, if not make the entree focused on greens...just my opinion. The greens had a pickly relish taste I was not feeling either. My friend had chicken and waffles and it was ok...seems like appetizers and desserts here are the best things to eat

Restaurant Find: Tokyo Buffet

Located in Secaucus, NJ in Harmon Meadow, this Japanese restaurant has a buffet on one side and a sit down hibachi dinner section on the other side. Hibachi is my favorite food. With Hibachi you get the traditional clear soup, salad with ginger dressing and your meal. My BFF and I ordered two sushi rolls to go with our meal, overall it was delicious and I hadn't been to a hibachi sit down dinner in a few years so it was a very nice and fun dinner. 

Restaurant Find: Hi So Thai

Decided to try out a Thai place that I've seen in my neighborhood for years. As much as I love Thai I never ordered or dined in this particular Thai place. Anyway I had a desperate taste for Thai one day  and looked this Thai place up online and the reviews were all amazing, literally. We ordered Chicken Pad Thai, Spicy Drunk Man Noodles, Spring rolls and Shrimp Wraps. I must say the food was truly delicious and the delivery was quick, I was happy overall and will definitely order from this place again. 

Dinner: A Kim Pasta Creation

I was hungry and wanted something light and quick. I just boiled some noodles, sautéed a chicken breast with a handful of raw spinach. I then added them on top of the cooked noodles. To add an extra pop, I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on was a yummy meal. On the spot creations can be delicious too! 

Restaurant Find: Hibachi Takeout

One thing I love about malls is the food court, I love getting Japanese takeout when I'm at the mall. This delicious combo is chicken teriyaki with lo mein noodles and steamed veggies (cabbage & broccoli) talk about yummy! It took me two days to finish this meal 

Dinner: Chicken, Yams and Corn/Beans

Sautéed chicken breasts, boiled yam and black bean & corn mix