Monday, January 4, 2016

Restaurant Find: Tipsy Parson

Located in Chelsea in NYC, this spot was selected for me and my close group of friends annual NYE Dinner. Ambiance and atmosphere are nice, it's small but cozy. I enjoyed the fried green tomatoes appetizer (not shown) even though I have had better and can make better, the Jhudh puppies were ok, I've had better. I truly loved the habanero buttermilk biscuit appetizer. This buttermilk biscuit is made with habanero peppers, but it's so subtle and it comes with a spicy strawberry jam, yes spicy! I loved the pairing of flavors, such a great idea to create a biscuit like this. the macaroni n cheese was delicious and the hot buttered rum drink too (not pictured). I didn't really enjoy my entree which was catfish with greens. First off, the piece of catfish was so small and it was placed on a huge bed of greens???!! I feel the piece of catfish should have been bigger with maybe less greens, if not make the entree focused on greens...just my opinion. The greens had a pickly relish taste I was not feeling either. My friend had chicken and waffles and it was ok...seems like appetizers and desserts here are the best things to eat

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