Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!! MOLOS RESTAURANT

For Mother's Day I wanted to take my mom out to eat something good and different. Molos Restaurant is a high end Greek restaurant that sits on the water overlooking NYC in Weehawken. The views were amazing and the food was so good, I was stuffed and tipsy when we left. 

My cocktail called burnt orange was very very good, because it was very very strong. 

My mom orders the Lamb Shank with tomato herb orzo and I ordered the Snapper Filet which had potatoes, feta cheese and tomatos on the bottom (which made it very filing). I tasted my mothers lamb and it was so delicious, the meat was so tender it was falling off the bone. 

For our appetizer we both orders stuff shrimp with Maryland Crabmeat, it was scrumptious! 

For dessert my mom had the honey walnut cake with gelato and fruit! The Gelato was my favorite, it tasted like cream cheese ice cream. I literally had a small bite of the cake and fruit because I was so stuffed from my meal. 

Overall Molo's was great, expensive but I would definitely go again and I would recommend anyone looking for a delicious Greek cuisine 

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